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AI is revolutionizing the
professional workforce at an
exponential rate.

L3RN AI’s Intelligent Agents provide our customers with a new co-pilot interface to access talent data and automate both verification of skills as well as business decision-making processes. All you have to do is ask your L3rn AI Companion, “Aida.”

It’s all about the Skills Powered by AI

  • Skill trend dashboards & skills mapping
  • Skills insights to business objectives
  • Learning and skill progression map and dashboards
  • GNN AI customized content & project generation
  • AI in skill validation: AI to verify & authenticate skills

Ask your L3rn Intelligent Agent, “Aida”

  • AI in Skills Gap Analysis and progress measures
  • AI in Skills forecasting identifies trending skills for future
    workforce planning
  • AI in Skills proficiency levels and insights to adjacencies
  • AI in Skills matching with suitable job roles or learning

AI generated open evergreen Skills Ontology

Our solution

The Platform

  • 26B Data Facts
  • 1500 Market Verticals
  • 9M Skills
  • 90K Job Sites
  • 80M Public Data

Our product answers key questions
about Generative AI

Where should we start?

Which jobs will transform the most?

What should we watch out for?